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April is on the West Coast & Millie is on the East Coast & they talk at work every day via Instant Messenger.

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April: i’m obsessed with the joker money parade.
April: i cannot stop thinking about it.
Millie: i admire it
April: i really have that as a life goal
April: to be rich enough to re-create it
Millie: finally, someone makes that a priority
April: like, it’s kind of the ONLY reason i want to be rich someday.
Millie: what about that scrooge mcduck swimming pool of gold coins?
April: i really, truly can’t believe a crazy eccentric billionaire hasn’t tried to do it
Millie: that’s more my speed, i feel
April: well, obvs i’ll do both
April: if i’m rich enough to stage a joker money parade, i can do both
April: i can have a room in my house full of gold coins to surf on
Millie: let me ask you this:
Millie: you think you can do both?
Millie: a joker money parade in EVERY CITY
Millie: AND
Millie: a pool of gold coins to surf on?
April: i think i can.
Millie: also, another thing about this every city parade:
Millie: are you going to have lots of different jokers?
April: like stunt jokers?
April: naw, i want to be the #1 guy
Millie: so you want to personally go to EVERY CITY and do this parade
April: why not?
April: what a way to see the world!
April: traveling around to shower people with free money!
Millie: what if they can’t wait
Millie: what if boston or detroit can’t wait for you to come
Millie: and their citizens come down to nashville to get on their parade
Millie: i think people will riot for real
April: well, i feel like i will release a schedule?
April: like
April: “hold tight, i’ll be in your city soon”
Millie: the url sound totally on the up and up
Millie: “money parade” in a URL
April: looks legit
Millie: that URL looks like it takes you to SCAMTOWN, USA
April: but it’s JOKER BRAND
April: i seriously had a dream about it last night
April: that i was able to do it
April: i had a purple suit made and everything
April: but i was kind of distraught over how i could assure people that i was a TRUSTWORTHY JOKER
April: like, “i am only jovial! i do not want to kill you!”
April: but would also only have a SCHEDULE
April: like, you don’t have to enter your social security number or anything
April: so people wouldn’t feel scammed
April: it won’t be in comic sans
Millie: HAHAHA
Millie: look man, i’m just saying that people are going to FLOCK
Millie: and then RIOT
Millie: to get in on this parade
April: hahahaha
Millie: i don’t think it will be as jovial as you want
April: step 1. flock, step 2. riot
Millie: flock, then riot
April: i hope to work out the logistics
Millie: i like the idea of having parades in different cities
Millie: BUT
Millie: i ask that you consider having multiple jokers
April: wait, so you’re saying it would be better to have them at the same time?
April: the parades everywhere on one day?
Millie: YES!!
Millie: because i just think there would be rioting if not
April: yeah, maybe that is more fair
Millie: nobody is traveling to other parades
April: right!
April: that does make more sense.
April: shit, i gotta get david to go to taco bell