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April is on the West Coast & Millie is on the East Coast & they talk at work every day via Instant Messenger.

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April: ALSO, ELVIS AS EXTRA IN “HOME ALONE” !!!!!!!!!!!!!
April: THE KING OF ROCK & ROLL is gonna come back from the dead to take a back seat to MACAULAY CULKIN in a movie
Millie: hahahaha okay dude
Millie: i laughed about that SO HARD last night
Millie: just the video
April: dude me too!!!!!!!!!!!!
Millie: that fucking song
Millie: i could not stop laughing
April: the song, the “you decide” shit at the end
April: i mean, listen — the dude DOES look A LOT like him, sure
April: but okay
April: i love how they are like, “THEY BOTH TILTED THEIR HEADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
April: “SOLID PROOF!!!!!!!!!!!”
April: that’s some real tough INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM right there
Millie: HAHAHA right! the argument rests just on that one thing
April: “see how they both nodded their heads? i rest my case.”
April: “also, beard.”
Millie: “You Decide”
April: still though, the idea of ELVIS MOTHERFUCKING PRESLEY going, “i think i’ll sneak in as an EXTRA in HOME ALONE” makes me HOWL with laughter
Millie: HAHAHA me too!
April: like, of all the movies
April: also, bare mins, he’d wink at the camera
April: i mean, come on
April: he’s a showman
Millie: right!! there is so fucking way that dude would just be relegated to a dude in a line
April: seriously!!!
April: in HOME ALONE